Meeting Rooms Amsterdam

Meeting Rooms Amsterdam

It may seem easy to select meeting rooms Amsterdam for rental purposes, but it is easy to overlook some details that could cost you a lot once your meeting is over. To help you out on choosing the right meeting spaces Amsterdam for rent, let us go through four essentials that you have to keep in mind.

The ambience of the meeting room

There are different kinds of meetings and there are also different types of meeting rooms. You could be looking for meeting rooms in Amsterdam for pre-cons, training, post-cons, or even workshops. Essentially, you want to book meeting rooms in Amsterdam that fit the type of meeting you want to have. Do not sacrifice the kind of ambience you desire just to save money.

What kind of people are you meeting? At Strandzuid, we can help you select a room that breaths professionalism. Are you looking to have a workshop in the afternoon? We offer flexible meeting spaces that can provide you with catering needs if necessary. Would you perhaps want to give a digital presentation? We provide meeting rooms in Amsterdam that have the right technology to support your meeting needs. At Strandzuid, we can help you to get the perfect meeting rooms in Amsterdam that has great lightning options to complement your meeting.

Possibilities meeting rooms in Amsterdam

When you are looking for ideal meeting rooms in Amsterdam, you have to know the amenities and offerings that a facility is providing. If the amenities are not included in the cost of renting the room, then it is something that you have to include in your budget. Some of the important things you should always consider while checking for a meeting space include printers, reliable wi-fi, public address systems and video conferencing equipment. It all depends on the meeting you are planning to have.

At Strandzuid, we not only provide you with great facilities, but we go the extra mile of providing you with on-site support like caterers or IT staff to help you run your meeting smoothly. You do not want your meeting to be a failure because you do not know how to handle a mic that is not working well.

Meeting rooms with catering and equipment

One of the most obvious things to do when you are looking for meeting spaces in Amsterdam is to ask for the cost of the venue. But what most people are not keen on are the hidden costs. At Strandzuid, all our prices are placed per session where the rental fee of the meeting rooms in Amsterdam exclude food, beverages and VAT.

When it comes to meals and drinks, we offer national & international drink packages, welcome drinks, coffee & tea, and so much more. There are a lot of different possibilities concerning catering and equipment. Contact us for the possibilities!

Convenience of meeting spaces in Amsterdam

Not all meeting spaces in Amsterdam are convenient. But you need to keep in mind that accessibility is an important factor. Ideally, you need to make sure that you can access the venue easily with minimal hassle. Check and see if there is ample parking for your attendees and if there is accessibility to public transport. Although it can be cheaper to select a venue that is far, it may not be convenient for the people attending. At Strandzuid, we have a lot of parking availability and all types of public transportation which will bring you to our location. You will find us very close to the Zuidas and the RAI conference center, which makes us also easily accessible by bike from the city center of Amsterdam.

Meeting rooms Amsterdam will always vary depending on your needs. At Strandzuid, we have amazing meeting spaces Amsterdam that can fit all your meeting types. Get in touch with us today and we can help you plan for an unforgettable meeting!

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